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What are cookies?

In today’s world, virtually every website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file saved on the User’s end device. They are created by your web browser and store the settings and information needed (and sometimes crucial) for proper functioning of the website. When you re-enter the website using the same device, the browser can check if there are any cookies which store important information and can re-send them to the entered website, which previously saved the cookie on your device. In this way, the website may recognise that it was visited before and e.g., adapt the contents to the recipient.

Benefits of cookies

Cookies make it easier to use the previously entered web pages. If you use the same device and browser as before, it allows to remember your preferences and to present the web page adapted to your current needs. Cookies enable the generation of statistics that make it easier to understand the way people use the web page – this allows to improve its contents. They also enable to maintain the User’s session (after logging-in), so each subsequent subpage does not require re-logging.

Controlling and removal of cookies

The User may change the way of using the cookies at any time. Most browsers offer the possibility to accept or reject all cookies, to accept only certain types or to inform the User each time the web page attempts to save them. The user can also easily delete the cookies that have already been saved on the device by the browser. The possibilities to manage and delete cookies differ depending on the browser. The User may find all the necessary information using the Help feature in the browser or by visiting, where it is explained how to control and delete cookies in the most popular browsers. Remember that blocking all cookies may cause functioning issues or completely prevent the use of some website functionality.

What cookies are used by the website?

Cookies used by the website may be divided as follows:

  • ”essential” cookies – they allow the use of services available on the Website, e.g., maintaining the session after logging-in
  • ‘functional’ cookies – they allow the ‘remembering’ the chosen settings and affecting the interface customisation
  • ‘protective’ cookies – they support safety
  • ‘performance’ cookies – files which allow to gather information on the way the Website is used

How to change the cookie settings in my browser?

Information on the changing of cookie settings in different browsers is available on the following websites:

Cookie settings Internet Explorer
Cookie settings Chrome
Cookie settings Firefox
Cookie settings Opera
Cookie settings Safari

Information for mobile devices is available on the following websites:

Cookies in Android
Cookies in Blackberry
Cookies in iOS (Safari)
Cookies in Windows Phone