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Pianomat for flooring panels

For flooring panels (made of wood or laminate), we recommend the green or grey Pianomat®. It has high thermal and sound insulation properties, dampens the noise generated by walking and levels the irregularities on the floor. The material is economical, ecological and additionally corrosion resistant. The green 4mm underlay perfectly as insulation or additional insulation. The grey 3mm Pianomat is the best underlay on the market intended for use with underfloor heating systems.

Pianomat PLUS

It is manufactured using other raw materials and the existing technology, which allows:

  • considerably higher hardness of the underlay
  • compressive strength (dead load) required by the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF®)
  • lower susceptibility to local deflection
  • better support for floating floors, in particular, panel mounting systems (interlocking joints)
  • improved service life of the entire flooring system

Easy to cut and form, even on bends

Pianomat can be easily unrolled, cut and formed to size in order to adapt it to the floor shape. It is enough to use scissors or a carpet knife.

Dampens sound better than stiff underlays

Pianomat will dampen the noise in any room. With its flexibility, Pianomat installed under flooring panels eliminate local floor irregularities and thus prevent sound bridges produced when using other, stiff underlays.

It is proven by measurements: with the use of Pianomat, the improvement of floor sound reduction index for impact noise is ∆Lw=19 dB.

Provides warmth and additional insulation

Besides, the 4mm Pianomat has very good thermal insulation properties. If installed under flooring panels, it additionally insulates the floor. The heat penetration coefficient is 0.041 W/mK.

Ensures high comfort

Pianomat laid under flooring panels dampens the noise generated by walking. It is a property that you will not find in other underlays made of polyethylene, polystyrene, cork or felt available on the market.

Provides economic and environmental benefits

Pianomat is cost-efficient: little waste is produced during installation. Since it is made of a rebound foam, it is also highly ecological.

May be used with underfloor heating systems

The 3 mm grey Pianomat is a perfect solution for electrical and water floor heating systems.

Package (roll):
gray underlay 3 mm x 1 m x 20 m, weight: ca. 11 kg
red underlay 3 mm x 1 m x 20 m, weight: ca. 11 kg
green underlay 4 mm x 1 m x 20 m, weight: ca. 16 kg
red underlay 4 mm x 1 m x 20 m, weight: ca. 16 kg

Technical data

Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.041 (W/mK)
Floor sound reduction improvement coefficient: ∆Lw = 19 dB


Fire resistant test conducted by the West Pomerania University of Technology in Szczecin.

Technical Approval of the Building Research Institute – approval to use the Pianomat flooring panel underlays in construction.

Hygienic certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene – experts from the NIH have tested the Pianomat flooring panel underlays for chemical properties and have concluded that they have no adverse impact on the health of users.